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In some corners of the world, it was used to deem menstrual flow as the “nuisance”. Due to certain drawbacks, women would have to endure during this period. Concerns would range from constantly changing absorbents to the sap of desire to work and carry out other daily chores. What else there’s to be known about sexual protection? In the past, the women would rely on towels instead of sexual devices by the production line. Therein grounds for unsettledness were given, chiefly amongst adolescents. Some of which would have grown wary of the lump it would leave at pubic height.

Others used to argue that the towels would nag on the inner legs, in those months of hot weather. Yet, there were those who feared, groundless, being walking with a gait during menstrual cycle, due to the use of hygienic towels. Not to mention all the work to wash it and yet the urge to get back home for changing it.

The breakthrough of discardable absorbents made protection easy for women during cycle, although still leaves much to desire. Most regret, for example, that it maybe insufficient for blocking the flow. However remote such hypothesis maybe, some women often check themselves up, so that they could ensure that such leak didn’t strike.

Furthermore, in certain cases, both the inflow and pads’ wearing might stop a woman from going to the beach, swimming or engaging in certain sports. It goes without saying that a period does not restrain physical activity, although many women lay off any activity that calls for wearing swimwear, from growing self-conscious during this period.

By and large, tampons, sic, come employed by those women who already got their sexual initiation, although certain virgins have adopted it too, with no risk from hymen ruptured. In that, the tampons placed superficially, in the initial portion of the vagina yet shallowly inserted.

Otherwise are some rare cases of hymen complacency (with such an expandable orifice, which enables sexual relations and gynecological testing without tearing). Nonetheless, its regular use by virgin women might induce hymen rupture.

Many women also claimed that the tampons trigger some vaginal harsh almost unbearable. It could be caused by its misplacement or all sorts of hang-ups.

Those women, in having to insert something into the vagina (diaphragm, gynecological ointments or tampon), would be afraid of three points mainly- being too shallow, hurting that sexual organ, also that devices might get lost inside their systems and they wouldn’t be able to retrieve it.

As it so happens, such concerns are unnecessary, given that the vagina is quite flexible and far from fragile, in that, rugged and tensile walls. Besides, due to its sealed bottom, doesn’t allow that something gets passed”further beyond”.

If wearing becomes reason for concern, or else not having it, when needed, might spell even bigger problems, mostly when menstruation occurs in an unexpected manner. Fair enough that nowadays exist in the market several and efficient options of absorbents.

By Jonatas Dornelles

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