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Amateur Sex Incredible Success

Big breasts, shaved genitals, blond hair, juicy mouth and snake eyes: that is what the porn industry always tried to seek when the issue was Female Porn Stars. The porn Videos industry, since the beginning of the 90’s, depicted glamorous and exuberant girls with amazing sexual performances. Big productions started to be filmed, and then, the internet became a very important way of pornography dissemination. Of course that a lot was experiments in the porn videos, but only internet came to make it grow as bigger as it could be. If we take a quick look at the current internet sex content, we will see that there are so many variations – and awe are talking here, in and around ten years ago – that the porn video industry did not even get close. It could be highlighted then that pornography is, today, completely based on internet’s newness.

The path pornography headed until now seems to be falling in controversy. The big productions and the “perfect sculpted bodies” are making room to some other new kind of entertainment (sexually speaking): the amateur/homemade videos and photographs. With backdrops such as rooms, living rooms, offices and other not-so-structured environments are highly scaled. Regular people dressing regular clothes with regular bodies are the time stars. There is no silicon, perfection and correct angles to be succeeded. In fact, most of these videos are shot by own “stars” and launched on the internet by them. Amateur sex material became one of the most sought things on the internet. Maybe because the reality it passes, give to people the comforting sensation that the classic porn videos took away- the real sex essence, its smoothness, its real sensuality, its real wildness.

We can find, today, big sex portals specialized on amateur content – actually, many of them. Too videos and photos are exchanged on the P2P (Peer to Peer) software. It would be also correct to affirm that exhibiting sex photos on the internet became a very common fetish/sex fantasy. Couples all around the world are introducing themselves on the exhibitions world trough digital cameras/webcams – it can be a very exciting experience.

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