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As there is people who feel attracted by the same gender (Gays or Lesbians), there are those who feel attracted for both men and women. These people are called Bisexual; because they have not a specific gender for romantic and/or sexual interest. However, there are those people who say that “a bisexual” is different of “bisexual”. They say that being “a bisexual” is just what was described above, and be “bisexual” could be considered as an adjective to identify an specific behavior.

Most people judge and condemn the others’ sexuality even before gettting to know what it really means. Gay people, throughout the years, suffered (and still do) for being different of the standard “way of life”. People used to say they were just sick-pervert-minds and some others really believe they can be “healed”. In spite of this subject be old-fashioned, there still are some people who think just like that. And for that kind of person, to understand what is to be a bisexual, might be way much harder. There are people who are really convicted that they are troubled people who are confused about their own sexuality. There are those who state that being a bisexual is nothing more than a simple phase of their lives. There are even those who think that bisexuals are just denying their homosexuality; masking it.

Clarifying some myths would be useful to say that bisexuals can date and have a single partner, normally. They can be monogamous without any difficulty. According to this, some would think: and how can they be bisexuals, living with a specific person? As the same way heterosexuals that are capable to like the opposite gender and one single person. And that does not mean that there are not more interesting people outside. Bisexuals like the two genders, but they don’t have to do it at the same time. It is just a preference.

To respect is very much important than understand them. Nobody needs to be an expert on homo/hetero/bi. The world doesn’t need it that much. There are much important things to come first, as the end of prejudice and increasing of tolerance, that to respect is enough for the majority.

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