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Excitment and Sex

To sex itself happen, people got to have some arousing aide. Nobody just make it always work the same way needing visual/corporal responses to feel “in the mood for sex”. There are many ways people can have to feel attracted by sex. One of them is, surely, the so-called visual calling: one person feels in the mood for having sex with one another. This stands for the number one step. If the correct approaching is made and both parts agree on the idea of having sex, the most likely is that to happen. The following is what people call “foreplay”. It can be labeled as the way people have to say to their bodies: hello, I am going to have some sexual pleasure. It’s what people used to call as “heavy petting”. It is when kissing goes deeper and our hands start to have “longer walks trough the other’s body”. When we try to arouse the other’s sexual desire, we are making our own way trough this exciting road of sex.
The most common, when two people are engaged in the mission of arousing someone else, it is very normal mutual masturbation taking over. That can be the main issue on sex for it to happening. Actually, would be correct to say that nobody can say when sex is going to happen. Only bodies can. When our bodies are talking the sex language, we can be lost for words: Only our needs need to chat with the other’s needs.

People, in general, say that sex itself is only sexual intercourse – the penetration act. That is only a myth, if we think that an intimate relation with someone can happen by many, many ways. By classifying sex as a natural activity people can have many times they want to. And that involves masturbation, oral, anal, vaginal sex, watching, sucking, and inserting a huge quantity of objects.

Normally, sex ends when men ejaculate, and that must change, because women have different ways to reach pleasure and that, most of time, means that they have more difficulties to cum than men do – and this idea should be sufficient to men become more engaged in being more focused on their needs.

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