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A host of sexual dysfunctions striking genitalia wise both genders could be causes for sexual disorders. Pain or distress during penetration would denote its major symptom, namely dyspareunia, which could be caused by a string of factors.

Infectious vectors such as bacteria and viruses within the vulvae-vaginal framework there would be causes for a painful sexual intercourse. Likewise insufficient lubrication ever so present in post-menopause women upon ultimate failure by the genitalia altogether due to the lack of estrogen, which stands for the sexual hormone responsible by the vulva and vaginal upkeep.

Overall tumors and inflammatory patterns in the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovary would induce pain upon deep penetration, felt throughout the tegument, failing through any satisfactory rapport. Incontinency and urinary infections could also become causes for pelvic pain during sexual intercourse.

Women in for perineal rupture are bound to display a certain feature deemed as “slacked vagina”, which denotes itself by loss of the vulvae-vaginal elasticity. Either the couple themselves or somebody else could complain about felt the vagina as though too slacken and that would hamper overall perception towards penetrative sex and sexual indulgence, sparking most often than not profound inadequacies between parties. The worst off would be the relationship itself coming apart.

Once the perineal rupture gets detected in all its magnitude, an interventional surgery, called perinoplasty restores the vagina a little bit of its original shape back in, leaving that clasping sensation by the vagina around the penis enhanced further and noticeably due to its framework, in that a tighter and narrow vaginal fitting ensured.

A perineal physiotherapy through Kelgi exercises alas pompoarism, could induce profound changes in vaginal grip then on to the pelvic template in that, the development of lean mass promoted all over the pelvic floor.

Bear in mind that those in for shattered relationships or on the verge of calling it a day, would hardly benefit as a couple from this kind of surgery or procedure. As the blame for being their sexual rapport in tatters doesn’t stem solely and exclusively from the fact that the vagina feels loose. That would maybe the excuse for all the rough edges about it, after all, something or someone would have to get the blame so the vagina becomes then such a “scapegoat”.

That’s the reason why the clinical placed aside from psychological side is needed out of every single woman or couple with this kind of complaint. There have been women with average vagina or barely signs of rupture, seeking this kind of surgical approach as if it would bear the holly grail for all their existential problems yet sexual affairs.

Scars from previous interventions, likewise from vaginal labor, could well become main elements within discomfort in light of the fibrosis in place and the granulose formation, which are anything but some flared up healing process. One too often ill-conceived childbirth winds up by damaging the perineum itself,  leading into anomaly cicatrizes that end up by sapping out their self-esteem who perceiving their vulva as out of shape somehow would have tried to keep it in low key during intercourse from finding it ugly and unattractive. 

All of which should be placed under a gynecologist’s assessment who would be able to scrutinize and establish the best treatment, in hope to restitute the best living standards for the woman as possible. After all that’s what doctors are in for, some would say.

By Darci L. D. Janarelli

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