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With the current commercialization of sex and the quickness people want to get satisfied, nobody looks for quality only for quantity. The easy access to pornography and the loads of daily-created porn material, helped people to forget making love in exchange for getting instant satisfaction. This occidental way of life totally contrast with the spiritualized Indian one, which since ancient times and until today cares about a healthier sex practice, as a purifying method, and not just a way to unload fast our necessities.

In spite of being very poor and the most populous country in the world, the Republic of India fortunately preserves its principles - most of them world-widely known - of inner concerns and evolution of senses. Concepts like Yoga and Tantra were developed there, a long time ago.

In the occidental world, with respect to Indian way of having sex, a book was and is highlighted by its very useful content: the Kama Sutra. This Sanskrit Literature's book was written between the first and the sixth centuries by Vatsyayana Mallanaga (everything points to) and is a full lesson of sexuality, sex itself and love. This book was written according to the elder Indian culture, which used to care very much about sex quality. It means that, instead of just having sex, the practice of making love was pretty much like a ritual, where many things must be taken into account. Even so this book offers a huge list of sex positions to people explore sex and their own bodies, too.

Many people around the world seek in the Indian thoughts a way to improve not only their sexual lives, but their existence, as well. There are today, spread in the world, many centers of Indian culture, offering their teaching; and they are very well succeeded, what can be very contradictory, since the sex industry heads other ways. However, what it seems is that there is a good number of people concerned about the quality of the time they spend in bed.

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