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Adriana Sommer da Costa

How about when our sex partner gets that erection at night? Would he be dreaming of another woman? What's happening is he sick or cheating on me?

These and other questions should permeate the minds of those women who live with this kind of situation, with their sex partners.

Nigh erection occurs while a man is asleep, as such is related to periods of R.E.M.

Under a neurophysiologic scrutiny, relaxation takes place during REM and suppress is therefore induced of hypothalamic pathways, which control the erection process. It's caused by activation of the central nervous system that although independent of oniric content to start with, there may come to interact further with it.

As involuntary, nocturnal erection can be dream induced, which also triggers ejaculation. The bladder compressing the prostrate and erection nerves is the cause for the morning erections.

Morning and nocturnal erections are beacons establishing that anatomical and physiological regulating mechanisms are intact. How about a man with impotence problems? What does night erection means?

There's a paradox between night erections and sexual impotency of the same individual. As major influence is of psychic inhibitions or in other words, the mind rules the body. And that isn't anything anew.

During sleep, emotional conflicts that end up promoting the so-called impotence, can't act due to a sleeping conscious sensor. Thus, with all psychic inhibitions turned off, sets free the physiological process of erection to work its bit.

A man with erectile problems that reaches erection at night, has good reasons to seek psychotherapy with his partner, since the prognosis is such cases is quite promising.

There isn't any plausible reason for women to be suspicious of betrayal or becoming jealous of night erections of their men during sleep.

Even though dream linked, night erections don't necessarily indicate that a man's dreams are on another woman. There isn't a single healthy man without it. After all, it's quite possible that a man has contact of sexual gratification with his wife and night erection occurs. Why not thinking that his actually having a sexy dream about his sex partner and peers.

Hidden Sexual Hiccups of Male Sexuality Nocturnal Erection

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