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Risky Sexual Behavior

Engaging in risky sexual behavior is common among kids. Sometimes, it's due to irresponsibility typical of this period of life or lack of information on sex, and most dangerously, because of substance abuse. Recent researches pointed the risky sexual behavior adopted after the consumption of drugs and/or alcohol is a primary reason that puts adolescents as the age group with most cases of HIV infection and other diseases transmitted through sex contact (accounting almost 4 millions of new cases every year).

When it comes to risky sexual behavior only after alcohol consumption, numbers are somewhat alarming. The last research made in 1998 found that nothing less than 400.000 students age ranging from 18 to 24 had participated in sex activities without any kind of protection. 100.000 of these teenagers weren't even able to consent sex. The consumption of heavier drugs may inflict even stronger impact on sexual behavior also alarming. MDMA (also known as Ecstasy and considered the "drug of love") use has increased 8,2% in 12th graders in the past few years.

It's important that teenagers understand that having unprotected sex and risky sexual behavior is something likely to bring about repercussions on posterior rapport. Such consequences compounded by STI's and HIV infections, unwanted pregnancy, and other sex-linked concerns such as erectile dysfunctions and infertility.

While under the effect of alcohol and other substances, the teenager is bound to feel rather confident, by adopting straight-forward stance, regarding sex inclusive, leading him/her to risky sexual behavior. However, they should be aware of how far they can go as to not put their lives on line of risky-approach towards something deemed pleasurable.

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