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Sensuality , Sexuality and Bikini

Jonatas Dornelles

Summer time, a season boasted by a myriad of sexual innuendoes, it's said by some. There comes along women's beachwear. Whether as a puny and snuggly or even as a fit loose drapery, hence, there would be various colorful fabrics. Wherever a course of water is present, so is beachwear.

Sights, too, prompt us to dedicate time wondering about this tiny but by no means less important piece of the women's vestry.

What is it all about, then? A garment of two-piece for sun-bathing and water- splashing. One bit covers the breasts if necessary and the other barely shades the buttocks and the pubis if anything. History has it that, according to definition, women's beach-wear has reached its actual size gradually over the last hundred years. I don't intend to procrastinate over its historical treading process, let alone regional notions of esthetics. To mention one, the overly-sized American design and its Devil- will- care Brazilian counterpart.

Let's focus on the present moment regardless of global positioning. Our down-to-earth reader is by now in a position to ask a tough question- " doesn't it all come down to the sake of Lycra clad underwear". Let's stick to this thoughtful reader in order to develop our line of reasoning.
Western customs advocate that women's intimate vestry-lingerie-underwear-you name it, should be hidden. Obviously, either far from being compelled to conceal your natural attributes or heads will roll.

To clasp a glance of women's underwear is no longer consider taboo, if this was ever bashful. Noticeably, underwear and lingerie alike have hit mainstream. In some cases, the see- through design enables us to perceive sights further as in the super-man's power vision. Moreover, in a careless act, mini-skirts occasionally reveal the color of her undies in a flash.

Men, by and large, are bound and brought up to have hints of seduction, fits of sensuality and even eroticism. Such emotional winds blowing from hot to cold. Our reader would convey that wearing underwear for sunbathing or swimming on the beach as far as the prevailing social conduct is concern isn't politically correct, or is it?

Why is that? Even though, bikini and undies are sometimes made of the same fabrics, and so, fit the same body figure size. Based on that I ask why, for instance, as noticed, the color of underwear is likely to spark off hints of sensuality ( or even eroticism), whereas , when a woman wears tiny swim suit, the reverse isn't true.

If there was ever a prevailing degree of nudity on the beach, a woman would always be less likely draped. This isolated factor does not carry the manner sensuality and eroticism is in here approached. Tiny bikinis are allowed in public areas. The same doesn't happen with undies, no matter how big they are. From this brief assertion, it would follow that sensuality and eroticism have little to do with objective factors like the degree of nudity. Several patterns imply in turning sensuous a particular situation. As a woman in swim wear is normal a situation, a woman isn't the same in underwear, disregarding sizes and fabrics. If we believe, the former there is not much to think about just bathing suit and if we believe the latter, we must accept the assumption of our underclothing culture.

The bikini rules nonetheless. Possibly, a woman in swim gear walking in broad day-light away from the sea side would be an awkward situation. Wouldn't it ever happen? Certainly would. In the nights of carnival fanfare, in the vicinity over by the schools of samba, that is quite usual given that most of costumes are based on two-piece swim suits. So, what's the variation for? Humans living under the aegis of culture perceive the world symbolically (unlikely the other animals). As well as costumes, space-time continuum is perceived symbolically. Meaning, there can be a bikini bearing strong resemblance to two- piece underwear, but the first is worn on the beach and the second underneath our clothing. The first is worn in and around the sea side and the second in a given time, say, in carnival. Top-less revealed on a fly car on parade looks natural but depending on location might look at odds if not offensive.

Conclusively, we could say that sensuality and eroticism are brought about culturally and, among various situations, crop up in moments of discrepancy. In this instance, a woman wearing a razor sharp v-shape-like dress (think of the builder's bum always ahead of his time) in a formal occasion would look sensuous but indecorous accordingly to the more conservative. To the best of my knowledge- the very same dress isn't suitable for any sheer watery function,. Although, when it comes to strut their stuff some still prefer a rather conservative approach. To show a bit of your underwear goes a long way for the sake of flirting but the woman who goes to the beach in her undies would let herself in for harm's way. Genetic punning aside, am I guilty, in writing this article, from a feminist standpoint of my different angle of vision or just what I shed light on from a nonfeminist one?

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