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Sex and Oldness

Since late childhood, people tend to share a common type of worry, sex that is – the so-common and natural practice. Throughout their livelihood, people experiment this sensation with different people and improve their performance at the same time that they grow more practiced and develop personal preferences.

Adult by and large, usually, have more experience in sex time – but that is not a rule, because cases can vary a lot. According to this maxim, would not it be correct to say that senior people could have the best sex, ever? If the experience would be friend of body’s normal functions, then yes. However, nowadays, the modern world provides us many different medicines that have the power to make body perform better, when the case is physiological problems.

Sex in oldness can be great; and it must stop to be a taboo. Everybody think about it and use to condemn such practice. Why? Because it seems grosse. But in fact, everybody have sexual needs, be it in youth or in agedness.

Many times, due to conformism and routine, people are bound to decrease their sexual activity, and make a bad idea of sex itself, becoming a harder person when the issue is sex – and that is a terrible thing. To judge sex a wrong practice and/or “full of sin/dirty” is pretty much worse than to not have sex al all. And believe it or not, it does happen a lot.

A very good way of avoid such predicament is to try and never lose contact with yourself. That is the more important link people make in their lives. If this “friendship” between you and yourself only grows, your mind and your body will always respond the best way ever.

According to the idea that masturbation is the firs sexual experience people have, would be correct to affirm that this practice can never be forgotten. Its constant practice can only make people better understand theirs needs concerning sex.

Sex is natural. And so is masturbation. To accept these facts is to be ok with yourself. People can have sex for the rest of their lives, and that is a fact. The body must receive caress and so does the mind.

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