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Human beings have always been conservative, in every little aspect of their lives. Rock and Roll was called "Music from the Devil", for an example. So, it's very hard for us to accept new things, things that don't exactly fit in our routine. And, if this occurs in every aspect of our lives, it gets multiplied when the discussion comes to sex and sexual orientation.

The funny thing is that, before High Middle Ages, homosexual acts were tolerated or ignored by the Church. Only in the late 19th century these acts began to be target of many hostilities, from many different sources - including the Christian church. Very quickly, homosexual behavior was condemned as "unnatural" and "wrong", followed by a series of attacks, that in some early colonies consisted in the death penalty for the "guilty". It doesn't matter if the person were a man or a woman - both of them were condemned to death. And we don't have to go very far. Hitler send to be cremated a lot of homosexuals during his government, claiming that they didn't belong to the "pure race".

But after all, is homosexuality an illness? Are the homosexual people sick in any way?

Well, in the end of the 19th century, psychiatry was competing against church and law for jurisdiction over sexuality. And some doctors - as Richard von Kraft-Ebing - considered it a disease. But others, like Sigmund Freud and Havelock Ellis, were more accepting. Ellis argued that, for being an inborn characteristic, homosexuality was not an illness. Freud agreed, saying that all human beings were innately bisexuals, and their sexual orientation was a matter of choice based upon each person's experience. So, many psychiatrists joined the discussion, for both sides, including the famous Alfred Kinsey and his polemic study about people's sexuality. In the end, every item that included anything related to homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

However, not everyone accepted it. Nowadays, there's still a lot of racism against homosexual behavior. And it's not justified. A lot of famous and great characters of history were homosexual - like Michelangelo, Plato, Da Vinci, Alexander… Even knowing the facts, people still continue to judge and condemn homosexuality. They keep saying that is "unnatural", that is not right. But they just can't deal with things that don't belong to their perfect and limited world.

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