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Sexual Arousal Throught the Body

Certain spots on our body can yield substantial sexual output by the stroke and who is to know it better than ourselves.

Such spots range from the genitals to elsewhere in the body. These special bits are rendered extremely touch prone owing to a network of nerve bundles. Then if someone happens to be receptive, the so-called spots would gear up into sexual response if played upon.

Since an erogenous zone meant quite exclusive corners of our body, what means arousal for one, might not necessarily mean a thing to another. It comes to explain why certain people get aroused when kissed or stroked on the ear, neck, hips and so on, whereas others feel absolutely nothing in there.

Most beasts employ their counterpartsí erogenous zones as part of an intrinsic mating process, in rites that may resemble dance moves and strikes.

In ages the erogenous zones were meant exclusively for unveiling those body parts that would bear the highest rate of nervous endings (as the clitoris and the penisí head) being such bits perceived as though, were the only bore in the human body likely to induce considerable pleasure threshold. In order to set out the garden path we need to hold some key aspects accountable, as in the discrepancies between the female and male figure. Meaning males ought to come to terms with the notion that their body doesnít work as a role model for the understanding of the female body and vice-versa.

Also the very existence of five senses would come into play. Each one of them shall receive their fair share of sexual input. The skin for crying out loud such an erogenous zone in itself and so would be the lips, neck, ear pavilion, nape of the neck, chest and off course the feet.
Breasts upon caress could lead both man and woman into sexual bliss regardless. Some people can reach out sexual climax upon such stimulation act. Male nipplesí also lead into heighten sexual sensations if well-stimulated; some men however (those really macho-orientated) canít stand being touched there.

Backside (buttocks) could be hand-stroked or better yet kissed. Itís such highly sensitive area, so much the men as for the women. Women get easily aroused when touched in there, whereas men tend to get further aroused when playing on femalesí.

Neck, strokes given on this area can be extremely enlightening. Considered soothing prone spot if properly caressed, abusing of kissing this location itís recommendable.

Ears, more touch prone in women than does in men, due to its easy accessibility, bound to higher stimulation at the beginning of relationship, thus tends to get overlooked as soon as the couple builds further bonds, which should be all the way around, given its efficacy rate in the shag inducing approach.

Belly button, its surroundings enable all sorts of sexual acrobatics and if well-worked on turns into such a pleasure bore given its proximity to the genitals.

Thighs, its inner area turn touch prone due to sheer proximity to the genitals. Deserve a good deal of probing prior to approaching genital surroundings.

The feet epitomizes sexual crave of many out there. It constitutes for many men the area of fetish whose must be thrived on.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa

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