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Think about it: you know that woman from gym that always does everything the right way? How would you feel if you find out that what she wants is to submit a man in bed with a sex whip? Or that boss of yours, always cold and professional, that just wants to have sex with you above the Xerox machine?

In the 21st century, everybody has an image. Has an image of success, of behavior, of normality. But, deep inside, we all have our little secrets, our preferences, our fantasies. And that can be applied to sex - there's a part of everyone that has a specific taste for sexual relations. Of course, most people don't talk about it. As we all have fantasies, we all are afraid that others won't accept that we get turned on by those dreams - we are afraid that these fantasies will ruin our image.

Specialized doctors say that these fantasies are not just healthy, but are an essential part of the sexual relation. They are daydreams, where people can't act things they might never do in real life - and they are turned on exactly by that feeling that is not real. In some cases, the sexual fantasies can make long term relationship spicier. When things get caught in the routine, playing a role for your partner, trying new concepts or simply doing things a little different would be enough to make the desire as strong as it was in the beginning. Or you can just idealize it in your mind and enjoy the following moment with your partner, if you are afraid of sharing your desires. Some people fantasize about someone other than their partners, and they think that by doing this they desire to be unfaithful or that it means they are not happy anymore. But that's wrong. Evidence tells that those who fantasize are the ones in happy relationships. The fantasies are just a new way for the mind to explore the unknown, a healthy way.

These are men's most common fantasies: having sex with an existing partner; giving and receiving oral sex; having sex with more than one person; trying new sexual positions; being dominant.

The female fantasies list includes: having sex with a new partner; romantic or exotic locations; doing something forbidden; being submissive; being found irresistible.

So, just use your imagination. One of the named fantasies might be yours, or might not. As said previously, each person has his/hers own desires and tastes. Just focus on that and you can bring a little extra pleasure and adventure into your relationship.

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