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By sexual orientation is understood by whose genre someone would feel attracted whether physical or emotionally. Formerly called sexual tendency or preference, now being perceived as orientation, it’s established that everyone’s sexual genre isn’t a matter of choice making. Nobody gets to choose to become target of blackmail despite what gays and lesbians have to go up against, besides all the grief from being unable to wear their own sexiness in whichever way pleased them most.

Sexual orientation has got anything to do with biological sex (male - female). Perceived chiefly as – heterosexual (someone who feels attracted by the opposite sex), homosexual (attracted by same sex individuals) and bisexual (whoever tends to be attracted by both sexes), it’s a matter of taste, which remains effectively unexplained by science itself.

From childhood, ilk start gearing up into a sex-orientated process of self-acknowledgement headed either way. Through the male-female framework passed onto them, enabled them to mingle with one another, accordingly with psychology wise explanations, yet, in accordance to medicine itself. It too is believed that sexual orientation might be hormonal-related. Elsewhere trends try to address sexual orientation through all sorts of approaches, so far none seemed capable of proving their point.

Nonetheless, only few people get to unveil their sexual orientation straight from childhood. Some people spend a great deal of time playing the biological role designed upon their biological sex patterns, playing along with the opposite sex up until caught up with their real genre identity. It brings home why we hear accounts on men and women who, past ages of marriage, realized that they’d bear no sexual desire whatsoever towards individuals from the opposite sex or anything, yet could feel attracted by either sexes. Some others, however, who played their sexual role all along, derived no pleasure, still lagged the courage to change their course. Stand a great chance to get bashed by, since society have yet to come to terms with what lies enshrouded within the homosexual and bisexual cloak, being both kept off the charts of what, despite evolution by humankind, would be considered “normal”.

The acronyms normality and pathology both lost even more room as far as sexuality goes. Both homosexuality and bisexuality have long stopped being considered shortcomings, in favor to being viewed as a school of thought within sexuality itself, just like heterosexuality. That’s the way it is, at least, in the scientific world.

Offhandedly -, sexual leniency isn’t a choice deliberately made. It’s the way as to how someone comes to perceive own sexiness, urges, sexual tendencies and arousal threshold. If someone regards oneself as female, would feel sexually inclined towards males, if self-acknowledged as male, would go for females or even, could feel attracted by both genders, feeling much at ease with either the male or female counterpart.

Science perhaps some day would be entitled to explain how sexual orientation springs out, disregarding of whether hetero, homo or bisexual. Nevertheless, by now, seems needed that society accepts that not everyone is the same, in that there’d be those who couldn’t fit within normality and in turn wished to be happy their way. Bit by bit it headed that way and who is to say that in no time discrimination any longer is a rule.



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