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Sexual Reproduction

Sexual reproduction may be briefly defined as the kind of reproduction that requires two individuals as parents to develop a new individual. It is the form of reproduction that characterizes the human being and most animals, differing only in some more simple and primitive forms of fungi, bacteria and plants. Sexual reproduction it's so important that we are practically programmed to think about sex all the time, otherwise, imagine yourself forgetting about the necessity of having sex.

It is believed by scientists that sexual reproduction is a more evolved type of reproduction (and that's why reproduction which doesn't involve any sex act it's only find in primitive forms of life). Evolutionists think that at some point of the evolutionary process, Mother Nature somewhat "decided" that would be more advantageous for each species to exchange some genetic material between individuals through sex. It would generate a selective process where individuals with better features would have the chance to improve the specie as a whole. It also generates the necessity of competition between individuals, where the one with those specific better features would have easier access to the oppositesex.

The necessity of sexual reproduction ended up by acting upon the development of nearly every living species in the world, human beings inclusive. All our social and cultural details are influenced by this ancient urge that compels us to look for sex and to think about sex in a very regular manner during our whole life.

Scientists also believe that sex is evolutionary necessary because it gives species the possibility to adapt to severe environmental changes or genetic accidents that may happen. Without sexual reproduction, specie will be doomed to extinction.

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