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Masturbation as First Sexual Activity

The masturbation, several times, is our first sexual experience. It's an auto-stimulation of the external sex organs for pleasure, and it usually begins in childhood, when the kids are able to hold objects and do rhythmic manipulation with them. The masturbation with hands, almost all the times, just takes place after the 2 years of age. When they discover it can give pleasure, the kids don't give up of doing it but, around the 5 or 6 years of age, they masturbate in private, following the society rules. Later, when the child becomes a teenager, masturbation is more frequent, considering the hormonal changes and the beginning of the sexual desire.

According to teenwire.com Editors, masturbation is perfectly healthy activity, for girls and guys, women and men, and it's one of the body's most effective ways to relieve stress.

Masturbation helps who practice it, because it prepares for sex, while people get to know each part of their bodies. It's important to remember that masturbation is normal a practice and, if children are punished by parents when caught masturbating, it can affect sexuality for the rest of our lives.

Masturbation is the ultimate safe sex, and offers health benefits, like stronger pelvic muscles, menstrual cramp relief, endorphin release, resistance to yeast infections for women and reduction of prostate gland infection for men. Taboos on masturbation related to corporal reactions, like acne, so said because its practice may take place at the same time acne develops, at the age of 15: masturbation doesn't induce acne. This practice only concerns when becomes too much self-indulgence, and the person stop usual responsibilities to masturbate.

There's not exact rate for frequency that each one auto-stimulate themselves. Some people masturbate every day while others do it just twice a month, and other people never masturbate at all. Once people discover what works outs they can articulate or show their partners what turns them on and their confidence, as lovers will skyrocket.

Masturbation as First Sexual Activity  

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