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At long last the time has come, the baby is underway. A brave new world awaits for the mother and the baby itself. A unique and magic moment as the baby breaks from intra-uterine life into this new life, now at the mother’s world, in her arms. 

Childbirth is described as the worst experience in life because of the pain that comes with it, some women may quote. Although the agony it causes is also thought to be the arrival of life, of whose we shall love dearly from now on and whoever we wished to share this unique moment along, rejoiced after the child’s birth.  

Never mind the accounts on painful labor that drive the women away from natural labor and even from maternity.

Hence the name really meant natural childbirth. It’s simply the baby’s exit by the vaginal opening, which expands upon contracting itself. At which point scared the mothers-to-be. It’s painful indeed but still bearable if compared to the expectation for seeing that tiny human package being delivered in the mother’s arms.

This is the mind set without a doubt  is what rendered the women real fortresses when it comes to childbearing, those who shall bear children and whose back must endure the highest degree of physical strain that the female gender undergoes ever.

The Caesarian approach has been about for the last fifteen years or so in this country. With the advances in medicine the mother is enabled by the caesarian to oversee her labor painlessly; so too placed less strain on her back and lesser agro for herself, it’s done by appointment.

It encompasses a whole surgical process in addition to the invasive techniques.

Invasive it light be, once the baby’s patterns it disrupts besides leaving up to forty stitches on her belly, By and large, the baby does suffer minor traumas because it does everything on its own (revolves on its center, lodges itself into the pelvis, and bursts the burse), all but too, and the caesarian disrupts its natural course. 

For the hopeless mother who has not other option but undergo it, thorough scrutiny means cornerstone.

It’s imperative that she puts her foot down and take part in most activities, to do so by keeping a positive frame of mind whenever possible.
Leboyer is a poet, obstetrician and philosopher from France.  

Having grown bored from conventional medicine, Leboyer decidedly goes to India in quest of the meaning of life. He did succeed in pulling it together by the observation of natural childbirth procedures, massage techniques on the newly born and so-devices the Hindus adopted by.

Then a book namely “born smiling” he released the first of three he wrote, which approached a new modality of childbirth he came up with out of countless experiments.

This type of childbirth broke into the Brazilian market in 1974. A method of childbirth that tries to minimize the trauma for the newborn; deliver occurs in a quite lit room and the infant’s head is not pulled and immediate bonding between the mother and child is encouraged. The father usually follows the process.

I reckoned that it can turn the rapport mother-to-baby even richer if played by the Leboyer approach, whether natural or caesarian, as of the reassurance, reliability and bonds. Not to mention the peace of mind.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa

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Sensuality , Sexuality and Bikini Types of Childbirth

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