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An aphrodisiac is basically some substance or element that may produce any kind of sexual heightening. It can be some beverage, a scent, or specially some food aphrodisiac to put you in the mood for all things sex. There's nothing scientifically proved about the efficacy of aphrodisiacs, and there's no known substance capable of provoking sexual arousal. In fact, most of the natural aphrodisiacs are whether physical stimulants or ingredients that sexually resemble any part of the human body in shape, scent or taste. Keep in mind that the brain is our most powerful and most important sexual organ, so ingredients really work! They are so important that even the Kama Sutra, the most important work about sexuality ever written justifies their importance.

But let's forget about oysters, Brazilian catuaba bark, vanilla, ginger and others. For the sake of curiosity, let's see a list of aphrodisiacs pinpointing the most uncommon, rare and exquisite types of aphrodisiacs.

  • Horns: considered a very special aphrodisiac in Eastern Asia, horns and antlers (particularly from rhinoceros and cervids) are ground into a powder-like substance and used as condiment in aphrodisiac foods and beverages. Horns are obviously made of calcium (or a special kind of hair conglomerate, in rhinos). Prowess alongside virility and manly aggressiveness that such beasts inspire, followed by hardness and its resemblance of an erect penis, gives the powder such fame.
  • Kumkuat: a small citrus fruit with a certain "Caribbean" tangy-like taste, considered highly aphrodisiac. There may be kept in the fridge for about a month.
  • Nutmeg: one of the most estimated ingredients in the history of aphrodisiacs. It was largely used by the Romans, the Greeks, the Hindus, and the Arabs. A mixture of nutmeg, half-boiled eggs and honey is very appreciated in India, paused to prolong sexual intercourse.
  • Roses: Yes, roses are edible and a very sexy ingredient, thanks to its color, scent and exoticism. Can be used fresh in salads and desserts or dried as a condiment.
  • Tiger: in Indonesia and China, being tiger body-parts used for many centuries as aphrodisiacs. Includes fat, bones, and even the tiger's dried penis. We do not approve pounding on endangered species for aphrodisiacs industry, neither recommend poaching for such dubious ingredient. After all, results may turn to be off-putting other than sexy.
  • Truffles: researches proved that some chemicals present in the truffles are very similar to sexual hormones (what explain why people use male pigs to dig it). The exotic taste of this precious, rare and refined fungus is certainly very original and special.
  • Spanish Fly: one of the weirdest and dangerous ingredients that are still used as a potential female aphrodisiac until today. The Spanish fly is actually a beetle found in France and Italy. Their pulverized extract is used in beverages to provoke arousal, but in fact, it causes an irritation in the urogenital tract. It mimics arousal by causing a sensation of burning, swelling and itching. Besides being very uncomfortable, if used in a large amount, it may cause nausea, vomits and even death.
  • Bee pollen: also a controversial ingredient. As pollen is one of the most allergenic substances known. It can cause dangerous reactions in some allergy-prone people, despite its perhaps exotic taste. To avoid any problems, you'd better leave it to the bees.

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